Working Out and Getting into Shape

Working Out and Getting into Shape

Whenever I am talking to someone who is not happy with their weight, I tell them that they should never get discouraged. What I want you to do is ensure that you are taking every possible step to get into a healthy position in your life. Whether you are 10, 50 or 100 pounds overweight, it is about realizing that you need to make a change and then adjusting in the appropriate way. Only when you make these types of changes are you going to lose weight (and keep it off) in the long run.

What is the biggest issue that people have with losing weight? I was reading this article about weight loss, and I was fascinated about how people would get into trouble with their plans. What they noticed was that actually starting the workout for a few weeks was never an issue. Most people who wanted to diet were able to make such a change. But the problem was that a lot of them were unable to sustain the changes that they were making. The changes were only short-term, which mean they went back to their usual way of doing things.

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As I was reading this, I began to think that working out is something that we must view as a long-term challenge. It is not something where you are just going to magically lose the weight in a few weeks and then go on with your life. Sure, a few people can do that. But for most people who are overweight, it is a lifestyle change that you need. That is why the longer workout plans, which are 20 or 40 weeks, are much better. These plans assume that you are making a long-term commitment to a healthier lifestyle, not just some fad diet that will last a few weeks.

Another thing that I learned about people who want to lose weight is that it is not just about the exercise. It is about how much food you are putting into your body. Why did you gain weight in the first place? A lot of people say it is their sedentary lifestyle. And that does contribute. But you are overweight because you ate more calories than was necessary for a sustained period of time. That is what we need to change. And that is where so many people go wrong when they are crafting their new workout plan.

So, if you want to make a change and ensure it sticks, figure out a diet plan that will work for you. Look at the ones that are a part of workout plans, but do not follow them to the letter. You need to add the foods that you love within that framework. Let us say that you come out and figure out that you need to eat only 1800 calories a day. That is a good start. Now add healthy foods to that diet, but also add the things you like to eat. Just make sure your portions equal 1800 calories a day!

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